6 Ways On How To Remove Cellulite

By John Arumugam

Expert Author John Arumugam

Are you looking for a way on how to remove cellulite? Many women start to suffer from problems with cellulite the older they get. Cellulite is caused by weakening collagen fibers in the muscle, and this allows the buildup of lymphatic fluid, water and fat to accumulate in the gaps. The areas that are usually effected the most are the bottom and thighs, but it can also occur on the upper arms, stomach area, calves and ankles. One factor that may drive its production are the female sex hormones, which is why you will rarely find men with the problem. Learning how to remove cellulite is actually difficult, in most cases it can mean a lifestyle change. Those scary words, diet and exercise are usually banded about when it comes to ways on how to remove cellulite, but there are other ways, although some are quite drastic. One thing that cellulite isn’t is dangerous, it is just fatty tissue pushing against the skin, but for those who are looking for way to treat it, then read on.


Although poor diet can result in cellulite, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with being overweight, as it can happen to anyone, regardless of their weight. You need to eat a more balanced diet with all the correct vitamins, and minerals in it, but other than cutting down on fats and sugars, that is all you can do.


You do not have to go down to the gym and workout until you drop, the only exercise you need to strengthen up your thighs and bum muscles is to walk. So take the dog out, push the baby in a pram, or go for a romantic walk with your partner. It doesn’t matter what way you do it, just walk at a faster than normal pace than normal for 15 to 30 minutes each day. This also gives you a good cardio workout, which has other health benefits for you.


There are a number of creams available for cellulite, but whether they work or not is still open to debate, as some of them contain an active ingredient for asthma. Check the ingredients and online reviews before buying it.


This comes under the category of drastic treatment, as it is a surgical procedure done while you are asleep. It can be painful, and you may suffer bruising in the area that is worked on. There are reports that it can actually make the treated area look worse once it settles down.


This is a relatively new treatment, and it uses a powerful laser that heats up the fat under the skin, breaking it down so that the body can absorb it easier. This looks to be both effective and safe.


This is one of the oldest and most natural treatments and it does work, however it does not last that long and so regular massages are required to keep it under control.

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