Makeup like Cleopatra

Cleopatra – the most famous and legendary sovereign of Egypt. It is believed that she had an incredible beauty and intelligence. The queen of the Nile used a very bright makeup to fascinate the eyes, which she used as a weapon of mass seduction. The image of Cleopatra in vogue at the same time with the premiere of the film “Cleopatra,” starring Elizabeth Taylor. Many modern star happy to use all recognizable makeup to do a photo session in the image of Cleopatra.

Makeup like Cleopatra

Makeup like Cleopatra

The main feature of Cleopatra makeup – the eyes, very expressive and bright, due to the length of arrows and eyeliner. With rich colors and contrasting lines emphasize sexy eye characteristic of the era. Now make-up like Cleopatra and recreate the image of the past is not difficult. Let us, following the basic traditions, we explain step by step technique of applying makeup.

Skin of Cleopatra

An even skin tone is the foundation makeup Cleopatra. To emphasize the contrast of the eyes, eyebrows and lips recommended tonal resources for one or two shades lighter than your natural color.
Foundation evenly applied to the face, chest and neck. To achieve an even tone, you can use a transparent powder, a small layer which will give a noble radiance and consolidate previously imposed shading. To give a natural, when you create a make-up on the face of Cleopatra in the cheeks and eyelids applied tan powder.

Eyes of Cleopatra

Eyebrows should be a soft touch up pencil or shadow, after having achieved the ideal form, as to them emphasis. Should be put under the eyebrows iridescent beige or yellow-gold shade to achieve the effect of shining eyes of Cleopatra.
For inside corners of your eyes, you can use the same color shades, and if desired, can be replaced with a reddish pink shade, or bright orange. Choose color that you will use depends on your eye color and appearance, so the make-up of Cleopatra can be fulfilled in different variations.

For the outer corners of eyes can be used as a bright shade of honey and turquoise. As an option, the center of the mobile century can be identified only with turquoise, or completely cover the gray shadows with sparkles. Shade shadow should be from the inside-out or bottom-up.

Makeup like Cleopatra

Further, at the base of the eyelashes black pencil should be broad line and lightly feather it toward the outer corner of the eye and slightly up. This technique gives the expressiveness and depth of view. Then black eyeliner draw a thin line, which gradually thickens to the outer edge of the eye. Lower eyelid also supplied black eyeliner, previously lightly powder. Bottom line goes back to the temple, and you can add two small branches. Finally impose several layers of mascara on the lashes or glue overhead.

Lips of Cleopatra

Lip contour in the make-up is supplied in pencil on a darker tone lipstick, which harmonizes with the color of the shadows. You can also use a light brown pencil in combination with pearl – orange lipstick. In the final step needed to shade and apply on lips white or pearl powder thin.

Queen of Egypt knew that beauty requires effort and time, so it pays special attention not only make-up, and skin care. It is believed that the white clay and milk is her favorite beauty products, which she used in personal care. The most common face mask recipe from image Cleopatra is mixed and infused for 30 minutes 3 tablespoons of white clay and 3-4 tablespoons of mineral water without gas.

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