Kama Sutra lessons

Kama Sutra is an ancient writing that deals with sexual behavior between people, considered among other things, customary practices of love in Sanskrit literature. The reporters started by “and Atsiaianh” concise summary of ancient texts more traditionally called as “Kama Shastra”, the literal translation “science of love”.

Kama Sutra lessons

Literal translation and the word “Kama” is desire. The word Sutra on the other hand, represents a true statement, proverbs and words of truth. H”sotra “was the name in Sanskrit specify technical text such as H”iogasotrm” by Patanjali.

In addition, the reporter also known under the name “Atsiaianh Kamasotrm” (sayings of Atsiaianh About Love). According to tradition, author of reporters was a scholar and a single, and a widely held belief is that he is alive somewhere a century from the first century to the sixth century, probably during the cultural flowering of the Gupta era.

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